The Consumer Voice on Sustainability – Challenges and Opportunities for Brands

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The topics of climate change and sustainability are top of mind for global citizens. Online, conversations have reached record-high volumes with individuals, brands, governments, and NGOs all turning to social media to share their stance. This webinar features Ipsos climate change and sustainability expert and speaker at COP26, Dr. Pippa Bailey and Duncan Fergusson, Director of Social Intelligence Analytics. Both share learnings from global research studies and social data about the many voices and viewpoints on sustainability, and how brands should navigate their challenges and opportunities.

Tune into this on-demand session to hear about:

  • The big picture: how consumers are responding to recent climate events
  • The Say-Do Gap: what consumers expect from brands versus how they perceive their actions
  • What social data tells us about how consumers define sustainability
  • How brands can innovate and understand what’s most important to their audience amid an age of climate concern

Introducing our Speakers

Dr. Pippa Bailey
Head of Climate Change & Sustainability Practice
Duncan Fergusson
Director, Social Intelligence Analytics

Insights Provided by Ipsos

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