The Birdseye Report | Analyzing #WellnessTwitter’s Community 

COVID-19 disrupted our lifestyles in more ways than one. Lockdowns across the globe, travel bans, and remote work policies impacted our health and habits - and encouraged us to redefine what it means to be “healthy.” Mental health has gone mainstream, and many are now embracing more holistic definitions of wellness. For brands, understanding these shifts is critical to delivering better products, services, and experiences. 

In our new Birdseye Report, we explore the #Wellness community through the lens of social and search data, including:

  • How the #wellness conversation on Twitter is evolving 
  • The top mental and physical health topics trending across the US, Australia, UK, and India 
  • The future of wellness: how top trends are predicted to evolve 
  • Demographic and geographic insights about the #Wellness community

Insights Provided by Ipsos

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