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The days of doing social listening or customer surveys in a vacuum are over. Brands not only want to understand what their audience is really saying (on all channels), but they also want to anticipate what will happen next, and dive into emotions and brand associations. They also need to leverage AI technology to process their growing mountain of consumer data, and bring it to life by spotting unseen patterns and trends.

This is the promise of AI-enabled consumer intelligence (AICI), an emerging market category coined by Forrester and offering to revolutionize how companies get their consumer data together, and apply the best of intelligent search, analytics, and machine learning at scale. How is AICI growing up? And what industries are first movers? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from our guest speaker, Forrester’s Brandon Purcell on the state of AICI, and how the worlds of customer analytics and AI are colliding at an increasing pace.

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Guest Speaker
Brandon Purcell

VP, Principal Analyst


Allen Bonde
Chief Marketing Officer

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