When Social Met Surveys: A Conversation with Twitter’s Joe Rice

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In 2022, insights teams are increasingly looking at social data and platforms like Twitter as a new way to spot market trends and see unmet consumer needs. Meanwhile, marketing teams know that social data alone isn’t sufficient to fully understand consumers or their intent. Other data sources can offer detailed feedback on products (forums or blogs), tracking customer satisfaction (opinion surveys), or even uncovering purchase intent in the moment (search analytics).

Watch our webinar on-demand with Twitter’s Joe Rice to learn why brands need to bring together “solicited” and “unsolicited” insights to get a comprehensive picture of consumers. In the session hosted by Synthesio CMO Allen Bonde, we also discuss:

  • The role social platforms like Twitter play in providing actionable insights
  • The top barriers and benefits of using Twitter data for market research and consumer insights
  • How blending different data types helps brands understand consumer needs and behaviors

Introducing our Speakers


Guest Speaker
Joe Rice
Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships
Allen Bonde
Chief Marketing Officer

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