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Understanding today's ever-changing consumer can feel like guesswork.

As an answer, 'Social Listening' has long captured and tracked words in isolation. But while it is interesting to learn that consumers are discussing 'Coffee' and 'DIY,' for example, it's much more compelling to learn the actions, descriptions, and expressions related to those topics.

By classifying grammatical elements - from verbs to noun-chunks - and entities - from product to people - Semantic AI by Synthesio eliminates some of today's consumer mystery and reveals specific, contextual insights.

Download our Semantic AI Introduction and Best Practice Guide to learn:
  • The opportunities and challenges for AI and Data Science applied to traditional Social Listening
  • How Semantic AI works
  • The benefits of deep semantic analysis
  • Applying Synthesio's Semantic AI to use-cases

Insights Provided by Ipsos

IpsosSynthesio was acquired by Ipsos in 2018, and remains a standalone Ipsos company. Ipsos was founded in 1975, has 18,000 employees, and is the leader in market research and consumer insights. Combined, Synthesio and Ipsos deliver world-class technology and services for Social Media Intelligence.

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