Rebranding a major mobile network operator with consumer-centric campaigns

How global advertising McCann used social data to design a record-breaking campaign

Senegal’s second largest mobile operator Tigo rebranded to “Free Senegal” as part of an ambitious mission to disrupt the telecommunications market in the country. To support the rebrand, they turned to global advertising agency McCann to design and launch a campaign that would resonate with the local market and catch the attention of consumers.

Download the case study to learn how McCann used social data to:

  • Understand consumer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes related to phone plans to inform their positioning
  • Uncover cultural nuances to inspire creative teams to develop campaigns rooted in consumers’ real lives
  • Launch a record-breaking campaign that generated 1.5 million digital earned media impressions within 1 day and doubled the market average engagement rate on social media

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Download the case study here.

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