Climate Change: How the Conversation Is Heating Up on Social Media 

A Synthesio Report

Climate change remains a top concern for global citizens – and a hot topic on social media, accumulating more than 60 million mentions over the past 12 months. Consumers, brands, politicians, NGOs, and celebrities have all taken to social to share news coverage of extreme weather events, the dangers of ignoring climate change, and even personal tips for leading a more sustainable, ecofriendly life. 

To understand how the online community feels about climate change in 2022, we tracked and analyzed English-only mentions in the US, UK, Australia, and India using Synthesio’s AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform. 

Download this report to learn:
  • The top events and climate-related topics generating social buzz
  • How conversations about climate change skepticism are evolving
  • The top climate change influencers 
  • What internet users are saying about fossil fuels and renewable energy

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