Building the Business Case for AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence

Today’s rapidly changing consumer demands and behaviors have put more pressure than ever on brands to make faster, smarter decisions. Traditional social listening strategies that are reactive, siloed, and only monitor social media sites are no longer enough. Now, a new breed of AI-enabled consumer intelligence (AICI) solutions have emerged to help brands speed time-to-insights and power strategic decision-making across the enterprise.

But why do brands need AICI? And how can you justify the investment? In this report, you’ll learn:
  • The four elements of a winning business case for AICI
  • How to align your AICI business case to key business drivers
  • Which AICI capabilities enable you to grow revenue, improve speed and agility, reduce costs, and improve customer experience
  • How to evaluate the costs and benefits of your AICI investment

Insights Provided by Ipsos

IpsosSynthesio was acquired by Ipsos in 2018, and remains a standalone Ipsos company. Ipsos was founded in 1975, has 18,000 employees, and is the leader in market research and consumer insights. Combined, Synthesio and Ipsos deliver world-class technology and services for Social Media Intelligence.

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