AI 101: Understanding Popular Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Top Tips for Putting Them to Work

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With more data swirling around us each day, the demand for smart machines to help sort through it, process it, spot trends, and automate how we turn it into business value has never been higher. This is why we have entered the golden era of data science. And why artificial intelligence (AI) - in all its forms - is truly all around us: in our smart speakers and appliances, in our cars, and on our favorite eCommerce sites. AI has become ubiquitous at home, and in our work too. It’s time for data and insights teams, digital strategists and product planners, and even marketers and creatives to get on board.

Download our latest AI capabilities report to learn:

  • The two branches of popular AI techniques and applications
  • How brands can apply AI to offer guidance, automate processes, spot patterns, and make predictions
  • Seven tips for your next AI-powered project

About the Author
Allen is the CMO of Synthesio, a long time AI and data nerd, and a McKinsey and Forrester alum. He has applied data-driven techniques in each of his previous marketing roles, and started his career as a data scientist in the telecommunications sector, where he led early AI and machine learning projects, and worked with Rich Sutton of DeepMind fame.

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