Live Event:
What the Future
15th December 2022, 09:30-13:00 CET
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Join our event ‘What the Future’ to gain insights, inspiration and tools for beating the market in 2023 and beyond.

You will leave the event enlightened about What the Future and with a comprehensive pool of knowledge to help strengthen your decision making.

The future will be covered through:

  • Henrik Lund | CEO, Naturli’
    Give the Cow a Day Off: Non-dairy products are growing – learn the Naturli’-recipe for present and future growth.

  • Heidi Boye | Country Manager, Too Good To Go
    Doing Business is Doing Good: 
    Doing good has become a license to operate. Learn how Too Good To Go is contributing positively to society and the climate while doing business.
  • Klaus Mikkelsen | CEO, Ipsos
    Unlock the Future Using Insights: The top challenges successful businesses face and how we help solve them.

  • Anna Larsson | Business Insights Leader, Tetra Pak
    Trendipedia – the Art of Mixing Facts and Fluff: Success factors for building and using (consumer) trends (in a B2B environment) with business impact.

  • Sandro Kaulartz | CRO, Ipsos Social Intelligence & Analytics
    Unleash the Full Potential of Big Data: How to unleash the full potential of big consumer data and machine intelligence to harvest trends in the making.

  • Jesper Bo Jensen | CEO, Fremforsk
    The Key to Unlocking Trends Unknown: A long range of unknown trends have specific impact for your business! Learn more about them as well as 5 methods to see into the future.

  • Kristin Grafe | Global Senior Insight Manager, Beam Suntory
    Future Growth through Research: A successful research journey enabling future growth of pre-mix drinks by linking Demand Spaces, Trends and Innovation spaces.

All this will be brought to life by short and insightful talks, leaving you more knowledgeable on how to grow your business with trends.

There is only a limited number of seats available, so make sure to sign up now!

WHEN: 15th December 2022, 09:30 - 13:00

WHERE: Danish Architecture Center (DAC), Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 Copenhagen

Registration includes beverages and food. The event is FREE but there is a charge for no-shows without prior cancellation of DKK 350. As this is a live event, it will not be possible to attend the event online. 

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Klaus Mikkelsen
CEO, Ipsos
Unlock the Future Using Insights
Henrik Lund
CEO, Naturli’
How to unleash and harness the Power of People
Anna Larsson
Business Insights Leader, Tetra Pak
Tech that helps reveal insights

Sandro Kaulartz
Chief Research Officer, Ipsos
Listening in on the Power of People online
Kristin Grafe
Global Senior Insight Manager, Beam Suntory
How to successfully build a brand community
Jesper Bo Jensen
CEO, Fremforsk
How to right a wrong: Promising to do better
Heidi Boye
Country Manager, To Good To Go
Being inclusive with authenticity without “box ticking”
Ibi victu recreati et quiete, postquam abierat timor, vicos opulentos adorti equestrium adventu cohortium, quae casu propinquabant, nec resistere planitie porrecta conati digressi sunt.